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Oakland Naval Hospital: Photo Gallery

Oakland, California

Abatement of asbestos containing materials, universal wastes and stabilization of delaminating lead based paint from 89 buildings throughout the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital.

Project highlights include demolition of approximately 350,000 square feet of barracks, recovery buildings and other ancillary support structures and features located on the Oak Knoll Campus. This work was performed in close proximity to sensitive streams and creeks. The 750,000 square foot, 9-story hospital building was explosively demolished.

The demolition entailed working around buildings that remained occupied by tenants, live utilities, historic buildings and existing environmentally sensitive waterways immediately adjacent to select buildings and sensitive residents immediately adjacent to the work area.

Over 100,000 tons of concrete generated by demolition activities were crushed on site and used for new construction. Approximately 85% of non-regulated waste was recycled. An overall recycling rate of over 95% was achieved.

Oakland Naval Hospital: Services
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