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ADEP Precision Contracting works on a variety of different projects across the Southern California region, supporting both smaller and large-scale projects. We offer simple solutions to complicated issues governing the responsible and effective demolition of interior and/or exterior existing building structures. Impacted by environmental laws and clean air issues, selecting a highly qualified and committed construction service company is paramount in meeting today’s challenge of economic and regulated goals.

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Wells Fargo Center

Los Angeles, California

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Mohave Generating Station

Southern California Edison was the operator of the Mohave Generating Station (MOGS) in Laughlin, Nevada and managed the plant's decommissioning. Services included asset recovery, asbestos abatement, hazardous material collection and disposal, demolition, relocation of the pond contents to the onsite landfill, and closure of the landfill.

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Geneva Steel Plant

Geneva Steel was an “integrated” steel mill located in Vineyard, Utah. The project involved asbestos abatement, hazardous materials remediation, and structural demolition of the idled mill.



This was a closed manufacturing facility located outside down town LA.

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Moss Landing Power Plant

This power plant project involved the abatement, hazardous waste remediation, and demolition of several boiler structures at an active and occupied power plant facility owned and operated by Duke Energy located in Moss Landing, California.

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Oakland Naval Hospital

This project involved the abatement of asbestos-containing materials, universal wastes, and stabilization of delaminating lead based paint from 89 buildings throughout the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital.

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El Toro Marine Base

The scope of work entailed the demolition and abatement of over 300 buildings totaling approximately 3,000,000 square feet throughout this former Marine Corps Air Station located in Southern California.

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Clark County Bridger Building

This project located in downtown Las Vegas included full removal of all tenant improvements from a 10-story office building, including two bank vaults, stairwells, elevator shafts and a roof penthouse.


Hoxton Hotel

This project involved the complete removal of asbestos containing roof structure, fire escape, elevator walls, partial deck openings and lead contaminated windows from future hotel in downtown Los Angeles.



This is an old Kmart that we are remediating so it can be developed into new retail space.

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