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Moss Landing Power Plant: Photo Gallery

Moss Landing, California

This project involved the abatement, hazardous waste remediation, and demolition of several boiler structures at an active and occupied power plant facility owned and operated by Duke Energy located in Moss Landing, California.

Abatement activities included the removal and disposal of asbestos containing insulation and transite cladding from eight external power boilers ranging from 120-ft to135-ft in height, as well as from one 600 x150-ft turbine generating building that included five 100-mw generating units and all associated equipment. Trenches, piping and associated equipment was also cleaned of hazardous waste and disposed in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Demolition services included the removal of the eight power boiler structures and all associated equipment including two 20,000-BBL primary fuel oil tanks, ten 8,000-gallon lube oil tanks, and six 10,000-gallon secondary fuel oil tanks, various other condensate supply and return tanks, and miscellaneous water tanks. The crews also stripped out a multi-story turbine station, leaving the floors, walls and lights for the client to use as a storage facility. Due to limited space and the close proximity of active structures to the work zone, all dismantling operations were performed using cutting and picking techniques. The vibration of all removal operations was also closely monitored as much of the work was performed in close proximity to active gas tanks.

Approximately 15,000 tons of scrap metals were prepared and shipped for recycling and restoration of the site. All services were performed on-time, on-budget, incident-free and without citation.

Moss Landing Power Plant: Services
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