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Geneva Steel Plant: Photo Gallery

Vineyard, Utah

Geneva Steel was an “integrated” steel mill located in Vineyard, Utah. The project involved the asbestos abatement, hazardous materials remediation, and structural demolition of the idled mill.

Over one million square feet of asbestos transitesiding was removed from building roofs and walls. The transitewas removed using mechanical means, with wet methods and engineering controls. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approved the means and methods, which also met NESHAP regulations. The crew used long-reach excavators, bobcats, lifts and various mechanical equipment to remove the asbestos transitesiding and roofing material.

Other environmental work included the hazardous cleaning of various pits, tanks and structures, and the transportation and disposal of much of the hazardous materials to the onsite landfill.

Post-abatement work involved the demolition of the 1,800-acre plant in 12 zones including the removal of Coke Ovens, Blast Furnaces, Hearths, Powerhouses and Switch Buildings, a Sewage Treatment Center, several Administrative Buildings, a Landfill, and other ancillary structures. The total area of buildings and structures demolished was approximately 4.5 million square feet.

Many unusual items were recycled and salvaged such as 80 miles of railroad ties and track. The crew also cleaned and removed over 400 tanks, recycled over 400 rail carts, and salvaged 13 locomotives, as well as several large machines and equipment. All wood materials were recycled for reuse.

The project was completed in 30 months with a crew of 40 to 50 laborers and operators, and the project was performed at no cost to the client.

Value: $53.0 million

Geneva Steel Plant: Services
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