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Remediation: Services


Green Commitment

At ADEP Precision Contracting, we understand that construction & demolition debris is an environmental challenge for everyone, including the building and land owner. That's why working with a demolition company that is firmly committed to being green is a serious and commendable choice.


From pulverized clean concrete, to interior building materials, to wood, to cut sectioned scrap steel, ADEP Precision Contracting salvages up to 85% of site debris. And we continuously look for new ways to reduce landfill debris. This continued effort has won ADEP Precision Contracting preferred status and outstanding recognition among environmentally conscious agencies and institutions with a need for construction related services.

Going Green is not just a cliché in our daily business, it is our business!

Concrete Crushing & Recycling
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It’s All in the Details

If your environmental problem requires the safe removal, handling and proper disposal of asbestos or lead containing building material, ADEP Precision Contracting offers a “one stop” solution to handle the entire project on your behalf. Our qualified staff even handles the compliance demands imposed by all of the overseeing regulatory agencies. We provide your company with an effective solution and reduce your risks, all with convenience and only one point of contact. All environmental work is performed in full compliance with all federal, state and local agencies governing this work and we provide our customer with a complete close out – legal packaging with all the necessary documentation required for your project.


Compliance is serious business at ADEP Precision Contracting along with the Safety and Protection of not only the personnel involved, but the environment as a whole.


Stay Safe and Protected

ADEP Precision Contracting offers remediation strategies for the safe removal of asbestos or lead contaminants from structural building material such as concrete, steel, block, or non-porous surface. Every remediation project that we perform involves complete compliance with all federal, state, or local agencies governing the safe removal and disposal of identified contaminant material. ADEP Precision Contracting has successfully completed projects in both large and small scale which have included full demolition, interior gut and contractor assist with facilities planning and management. Our competent crews are also available for emergency response remediation when unexpected hazardous materials are encountered. Calling Precision Contracting first eliminates the costly delay of work stoppage, incomplete repairs and having to source and rehire personnel when working in areas where hazardous materials are known to exist.


Calling ADEP Precision Contracting saves time and time in commerce is money!

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